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Velocity Motorsports. No longer a once in a lifetime experience.

Velocity Motorsports gives you the chance to drive the car of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of luxury car rental or racing school. We have partnered with one of the world’s newest and most innovative tracks to give you the ultimate thrill. Atlanta Motorsports Park offers a two-mile road course designed by some of the best Formula One designers. Come out for an afternoon with your friends or family and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Velocity Motorsports offers the following experiences:

The Track Experience

Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to drive a supercar around one of the world’s most exciting and innovative tracks. You have never felt true power and speed until you have gained racing tips from our instructors and driven around the Atlanta Motorsports Park track.

How the day will run: Velocity Motorsports offers 2 choices of exotic cars. Each package includes 30 minutes with an industry-leading instructor learning how to take your car to its limit, just like a professional driver. With the instructor in the passenger seat, you can drive your car around the state-of-the-art track at an optimum speed for the best performance. Mix and match all of your dream cars on a 5 lap basis.


Price (Porsche and GT-R) Laps Miles
From $299 5 laps equaling 10 miles Image
From $549 (Save $50!) 10 laps equaling 20 miles Image
From $799 (Save $100!) 15 laps equaling 30 miles Image
From $1,049 (Save $150!) 20 laps equaling 40 miles Image

The Touring Experience – COMING SOON!

Velocity’s touring experience gives you the chance to spend quality time in all 5 of our supercars. Get the most out of your driving experience by taking them off the track and onto the road.

How the day will run: Depending on the time of your appointment, your day will begin with a sponsored meal by one of our local dealerships. You will be given half an hour with an industry-leading instructor to fully understand how these amazing machines handle on the road. Each car has it’s own personality and features that set it apart from the rest. This package includes all 5 Velocity Motorsports vehicles, each driven for thirty-minute intervals on the scenic roads of North Georgia.


Take a weekend off and spend it with some of the world’s most beautiful cars. Our excursions include a weekend on some of the best roads, food, and lodging in the country. Drive all 5 of our cars and spend some quality time with your friends or wife.

Corporate Events

Make a statement by giving your clients and employees an experience they will never forget. Anyone, no matter age or experience can enjoy themselves at one of our high-class corporate events. Velocity offers a beautiful club house to hold meetings, catered meals, and team building activities that are sure to entertain. We offer your own personal event planner so that your event has just what you want and is catered specifically for you?